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Quinte Conservation, French Planning Services and Friends of East Lake (FOEL), in collaboration with the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward are leading the development of the community-based East Lake and Watershed Plan. The purpose of the plan is to identify, protect, preserve and enhance the unique environmental and social features of the area for present and future generations.

The East Lake and Watershed Plan is funded in part through grants from the Ontario Trillium Foundation ($69,000) and Community Futures ($9,300), in kind contributions from Quinte Conservation and Prince Edward County and contributions from other sources. The two year process began in September of 2012 and the plan will be completed in September 2014.

What is a watershed plan?

The East Lake and Watershed Plan is a community-based process that considers the interests of all stakeholders on East Lake and in the watershed including permanent and seasonal residents, commercial operators and their guests, farmers, recreationalists (e.g. anglers, boaters) and all others.  The purpose of the process is to identify and protect the unique characteristics of the East Lake watershed and to recommend land-use policy and stewardship approaches to ensure long-term protection, maintenance, and restoration of natural, social and physical features.

Quinte Conservation and French Planning Services will collect and analyze information on land use, development, environmentally sensitive areas, water quality, water quantity, endangered species, fish and wildlife, and through a community engagement process create a community based action plan considering both stewardship activities and land use policy.  The plan will contain information and advice for property owners and lake users on how to best protect, preserve and enhance the environmental and social features of the lake.

Why be involved in building a plan for your watershed?

  • To ensure a healthy lake for people, fish, wildlife and plants.

  • To protect wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas.

  • To promote fish and wildlife populations and protect their sensitive habitats.

  • To promote awareness about endangered and rare species.

  • To be a part of a community empowered to have a say in its future.

  • To help develop a process that will be replicated for other inland lakes in Prince Edward County.

  • To develop a greater appreciation and protection of the natural heritage features of our area.

The Plan will provide valuable insight into East Lake and its watershed which will allow for more effective measures and stewardship programs.

How will it be developed?

Quinte Conservation and French Planning Services will be responsible for collecting and synthesizing information and will prepare a State of the Lake Report in 2013 and the final East Lake and Watershed Plan in 2014.  At every step of the process input from interested people and groups will be sought to  confirm important values, concerns and issues, and the actions to be taken.

Existing studies of East Lake will be collected and analyzed, and a State of the Lake Report will be prepared to provide this information in common language for the people in the watershed.  The State of the Lake Report will address issues raised by the community and will create a  baseline of information that we know and don't know today about the watershed.  From this report gaps will be identified and additional monitoring and assessments may be undertaken during the summer of 2013.  Other information gaps may be filled following the development of the plan.

Who is involved?

The process is for everyone in the community that is interested in the long term health of East Lake and its watershed, including:

           shoreline and rural property owners

           permanent and seasonal residential

           commercial resorts

           trailer parks and campgrounds


           commercial fishery

           Sandbank Provincial Park


We encourage anyone that is interested to join in the conversation.

Quinte Conservation will gain further insight into the East Lake Watershed which will allow for more effective protection measures and stewardship programs to directly address identified issues and concerns.

The Municipality of Prince Edward County will be able to use the information gathered to help with land use decision-making, and can use the template of this study to implement lake plans for other inland lakes in the County.

 Question, concerns or comments? Email us at contactus@eastlakeplan.ca
Webpage created in October 2012